Paolo Ardoino

CTO of Bitfinex and Tether

Paolo Ardoino is a software engineer and a crypto enthusiast. He is the chief technology officer of Bitfinex, one of the largest and most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. He is also the chief technology officer of Tether, the issuer of USDT, the most widely used stablecoin in the crypto space.

Paolo has been instrumental in developing and maintaining the technology behind Bitfinex and Tether, ensuring their security, scalability, and innovation. He has also been involved in launching new products and services, such as eosfinex, a high-performance exchange platform built on EOS blockchain, and Tether Gold, a digital token backed by physical gold.

Paolo is a vocal advocate and supporter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He has participated in various events and initiatives aimed at educating and inspiring the crypto community, such as Consensus, CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit, and Crypto Valley Conference. He has also contributed to various open-source projects, such as libtorrent, OpenBazaar, Liquid Network, Lightning Network, and more.