Leah Wald

CEO of Valkyrie Investments

Leah Wald is a visionary entrepreneur who is the CEO of Valkyrie Investments, a top-tier financial services firm bridging the gap between traditional finance and the rapidly evolving digital asset industry. She has over 12 years of experience in asset management, focusing on value investing and global macro strategy.

A true leader and innovator in the crypto space, Wald launched the Bitcoin investment arm of Lucid Investments, an asset management firm where she was a partner. She also spearheaded the launch of Valkyrie’s Bitcoin Trust and Bitcoin Futures ETF, two of the first products of their kind in the US market. Moreover, she has been a contributing writer for Forbes and co-authored the book “Hyperwave Theory: The Rogue Waves of Financial Markets.”

Wald has a high level of expertise in blockchain technology, consensus algorithms, network incentives, and decentralized finance. She is also a frequent speaker and commentator on crypto topics and trends.