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Exciting Discovery of Over 5,000 New Species in Potential Deep Sea Mining Site

A recent examination of environmental surveys conducted in the Pacific Ocean has revealed the existence of more than 5,000 previously

By Aisha Hamid 3 Min Read

Powerlist 2023 – Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Game 

Forbes Brunei's Powerlist 2023 - this exclusive list features entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique approach to

By Aisha Hamid 13 Min Read

Verano Hill: Bringing Luxury to Your Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank

In just three years, Verano Hill has established itself as a leader in the fashion industry, thanks in part to

By Aisha Hamid 3 Min Read

6 Purpose-Driven Coaches That Bring More Balance Into The Lives of Busy CEOs

Life coaches are increasingly becoming an integral part of championing and re-molding the wellness of entrepreneurs and CEOs and arming

By Aisha Hamid 9 Min Read

Luscious Lips to Fuller Features! Why Celebrities Love Dream Body Transformations by Dr. Maxim Ivanchuk

“The definition of beauty varies for every person. Therefore, it’s essential for a plastic surgeon not just to discuss everything

By Aisha Hamid 2 Min Read

Model Emma Magnolia has a Dedicated Community

Emma Magnolia is a social media Influencer, rising celebrity, award-nominated model, and public personality. Above all, in a world of

By Aisha Hamid 5 Min Read

Mark Evans DM shares his success mantra: dedication, discipline and drive

Mark Evans DM is an entrepreneur and investor, who has taken part in real estate investing, the media space, Ecommerce,

By Aisha Hamid 4 Min Read

Entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted – Parvez Sultan Rupani

Parvez Sultan Rupani talks about entrepreneurship in the first episode of his upcoming podcast – "Powerpreneurs." As someone who came

By Aisha Hamid 3 Min Read

Meet the Newcomers in the Billionaire Club 2022

2022 turned out to be quite the year for 236 people globally – the newest faces on the Forbes billionaires

By Aisha Hamid 3 Min Read